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March 28, 2022 3 min read

If you’re like me, you definitely like the idea of curling your hair and making it look fancy and fun from time to time. That’s especially true when it comes to attending special events. However, just like you, I always end up with challenges as I try to figure out what type of hair curlers is suitable for me.

Which hair curlers are best for you

There are a large variety of options, and unfortunately, it’s very difficult to narrow down one that works for you right off the bat. I usually experiment, be it with big hair curlers or simple curlers for long hair, among others. But there are plenty of other types of hair curlers that you can try out too.


1. Velcro rollers

Velcro rollers are simple, and they help you create either small ringlets or large, loose curls. I use them often because they are suitable for both long and short hair, and it’s possible to customize them as you see fit. I like these quite a bit, even if it can take a while until you get accustomed to them and their style.

Velcro Roller hair curler types


2. Hot roller

One of the reasons I would recommend a hot roller is because it heats up quickly and you don’t have to wait. That being said, any heat source can damage your hair, so you must be very careful. I also need to point out that you need to plug this in, so it’s not a wireless system.

Hot Roller


3. Steam roller

A steam roller is similar to the hot roller. I particularly like this one because it’s gentler with your scalp. On top of that, I also find it versatile, it can help you create traditional curls, but also modern ones. I even use it for waves and it works very nicely.

Steam Roller


4. ShayCurls

ShayCurls are silicone tops that you pop over the roller so it can keep your hair in place. You want to use shaycurls for pin curls, wavy hair, and to give more volume to your hair.I am the biggest fan of these because they work for short and long hair and quiet confortable to sleep with. An absolute must-have, since you get to manage your curls with great ease.

Shaycurls hair curler types


5. Perm rods

Perm rods can be great if you want to stylize your curl hair without heat. I am not a fan of heat-based curling products, so I do use perm rods from time to time. I also appreciate the fact that there are lots of great benefits here, from not using any chemicals to being very easy to use. The fact that these rods are easy to bend in any direction and also work with various types of hair textures is also something I think sets them apart from any other hair curlers!

Perm Rods


6. Soft rollers

Soft rollers are great hair-in rollers. I used fabric strips before these, and soft rollers are very similar to them. I do appreciate soft rollers a bit more since you can tuck them without pins. The fact that you can reduce your hair’s tension is also one of the many reasons I would recommend soft rollers to everyone.

Soft rollers hair curler types


7. Rag rollers

Women have been using rag rollers for close to 2 centuries. Twisting your hair around with a soft fabric is great, since you don’t damage it that much, if at all. I particularly like the fact you can sleep with rag rollers and your hair will be fine. Yes, it’s not a fancy method, but I like it, and it does provide the benefits and results you expect.

Rag curls hair curler types


8. Magnetic rollers

I use magnetic rollers to curl my hair because they are extremely easy to use. These just roll into the hair and you use magnetic caps to close them. I do want to point out that these will sometimes leave creases in your hair. But the way I solved the issue is to just turn the roller cap towards the bottom.


Magnetic roller hair curler types


What I think of it:

After all, there are a huge variety of hair curlers on the market, so it’s not that hard to find the right ones that suit your needs. From hair in rollers to big hair curlers and brush rollers, all of these can help stylize with ease. It all comes down to the type of hair curlers you want to use and what offers the best results. Take your time, experiment with these, and you will be very happy with the results!


Lori Hannel, Staff Contributor

Cover Photo by Element 5 Digital