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March 28, 2022 3 min read

Easy and Heatless Curls, a Lazy Girl’s Dream Come True!

While I like using heat-based hair curlers, the truth is that they are not exactly safe for your hair. That’s the reason why I always try to find some alternative hair curling methods. Thankfully there’s no shortage of options when it comes to getting amazing curly hair without dealing with any heat-based products. Here are 5 ways I use to create perfect curls, and which actually work all the time.

1. Scrunching your hair

Scrunching your hair is a great idea especially if your hair has a rich texture. You add some sea salt spray on the hair while it’s damp. I recommend doing this from the mid-shaft up until the end. Start scrunching upwards. Every time I try this, my hair becomes wavier and wavier. And based on my experience, you don’t really have to use any curl hair rollers either.

2. Hair rollers

I like hair rollers because they are versatile. You can easily roll sections from the bottom and then you go towards the top. Once I finish, I add a bobby pin at the end and leave it to dry off for a few hours. I enjoy using these because they won’t damage your hair at all. Yet you still need to take care while using them, just to be on the safe side.

3. Twisting your hair

Another method I use to obtain heatless curls is the French Twist technique. What you want to do is to twist different hair sections, then you gather them into small buns. I think it’s a great idea because you can have great heat less curls at the end, while still bringing in a fancier look. I usually focus on using these before a dinner or event, since they always make you feel glamorous and cool.

4. Headbands

All you need here is a texturizing compound and a headband. What I do is I add the headband over the hair, use some texture spray to dampen it and it’s good to go. I do recommend that your hair is twisted a bit and then you tuck it in the headband.

5. Sock buns

Yes, this is a very creative heatless curl method, and it works great. What I do is I cut the tip from old socks and then roll them until I have a donut shape. After you get this sock bun, you must pull the ponytail through them. In my case, in order for this method to work, I usually need to have them sit overnight. I always prefer to do this instead of using any heat-based curlers. another easy way is to use the french bun maker, so practical!


My take on it 

Getting curly hair without heat is quite exciting. There are many traditional methods and some creative ones too. The reality is that heatless curls look great, and while you do need to think outside the box to get perfect curls, it’s well worth it. You don’t need expensive, heat based hair rollers, those can even damage your hair. With these curl hair no heat methods you can achieve similar results without worrying about any downsides.

If you want to try a great method that helps you curl hair withou heat and with ease, give Shaybun hair curlers a try, you will be impressed with the amazing results and ease of use you can get from it. I enjoy using this product and it helps me achieve stunning curls without heat, so it's certainly something I would recommend to everyone.


Lori Hannel, Staff contributor

Cover photo by Designecologist