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ShayBun - Messy Bun Scrunchies


Create a New & Exciting Look in Seconds!

The hair bun maker every queen needs – Prepare to be obsessed with our Messy Bun Scrunchie!

Designed to have you slayin’ in a snap, our Messy Bun Scrunchie allows you to put your hair up in a bun and create a new look easily.

"The best fake hair bun I've ever bought! It transformed my hair completely, nobody can tell it's an accessory, they all think I went to a hairdresser" - Nathalie

Whether you want to look glamourous for a night out or simply to give your 9 to 5 a glow up, our messy Bun Scrunchie is your new go to hair accessory.


Rock that beautiful Bun!

Wrap messy bun scrunchie around your bun for a volumized, stunning look. Works well for all hair types, it gives off a professional look instantly!


Made with a hidden band and contrasting colorsm no one will be able to tell that it’s a scrunchie over your actual hair ( except maybe your BFF).

For even more volume, combine 2 or more scrunchies to get your desired look!


5 Reasons you need Shaybun - Messy Bun Scrunchies

  • Easy To Apply: You can save extra time by attaching our hair scrunchies in just a few seconds. Without having to redo your hair updo constantly.
  • Comfortable & Breathable: Perfect for adding volume and fullness to a bun or a ponytail.  
  • Adjustable Size: Easy to fit various types of hair with an easily adjustable band.
  • Washable & Reusable: Can be wash by hand and reusable. 
  • Rock That Beautiful Bun: Turn heads & get compliments everywhere you go, knowing your friends won't have the cutest updo. 
For office days, date night or party days, this is the scrunchie for all occasions.
Made with premium heat resistant synthetic hair fibers. It stays on all day, you don’t have to worry about redoing your hairstyle while you are out.

How to find the perfect match:

Shaybun offers you a range of Over 40 Hair Colors to perfectly match your natural hair. 

1- Identify the reference number of the best bun color for you, you can compare the color shades with other hair colors for better choosing. You can also use your own hair for visual comparison on the screen.

2- Select the corresponding reference in the selection menu, then add to cart. That's it!


*Check the image slides for more options. Zoom in for easier color comparison.


How to use ShayBun Scrunchie in 3 simple steps:

1- Tie your natural hair into a bun
2- Twist the messy bun scrunchie around your bun
3- Style as you desire


Frequently Asked questions:

Can the bun be brushed or combed easily?
Absolutely! You can comb the bun with no worry of damaging it, the hair is smooth and the comb glides easily.

Do I need to style it?
You don't need to style it. It comes already styled as showed in the pictures. Just make a regular hair bun, then put the Shaybun around your hair. Not only that you don't need to style it, but it will also make your hair look fuller and nicer!

Can the messy buns be washed? 
Yes! You can wash ShayBun products with hair conditioner/shampoo in cold water. Just insert your extension into cold water and soak for about 5 minutes. 
We recommend washing them every 10 uses or once a month.

How does it work exactly? Do I make a bun with my own hair and then attach it over?
Exactly! Just put it on like you would make a ponytail. Depending on the length of your hair to how much you will need to double it around your own hair. 

I have thin hair; will it fall out?
Nope! You may need to double it around more than once but it will definitely not fall out. It's on a hair-tie, so you can double it as if you were wearing a ponytail holder.

Where can I buy ShayBun products?
ShayBun products are not sold in stores and are exclusively available on our online store. That's how we can guarantee the best price, quality and service to all our customers.


Shipping and Guarantee:

All orders will be processed within 24 to 48h and shipped by your choice of shipping method at the checkout page. We ship to US, Canada, United kingdom, Ireland, All Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Love all our scrunchies? Order now and get yours in no time (7 to 14 days). We provide a full 30 days trial to ensure your satisfaction. 

ShayBun products are covered by a full 1 year warranty, if your item have any defect within 1 year of use we will replace it.